Healthy Homemade Dog Food Guide
Healthy Homemade Dog Food Guide
Healthy Homemade Dog Food Guide
Healthy Homemade Dog Food Guide
Healthy Homemade Dog Food Guide
Healthy Homemade Dog Food Guide

Healthy Homemade Dog Food Guide

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Is your dog eating healthy food?

Choosing the right kind of dog food you provide is probably the most critical decision you’ll ever make for your dog- puppy or senior. Dog food nutrition without delay impacts every facet of your dog’s life. Aspects such as how pups grow, their behavior practices, health, overall well-being and physical appearance are all tightly linked to the nutrition dog owners provide.

Needless to say, this is an enormous responsibility. The Key Benefits of a Healthy, Well-balanced and Nutritious Dog Food Plan

A nutritious well-balanced dog food diet plan encourages:

  • Healthy skin and coat
  • Strong muscles and well developed bones
  • Bright, clear eyes
  • More solid stool
  • Good dental health
  • Less digestive upsets
  • Burst of energy
  • Few (if any) behavior problems
  • Great dog lifestyle
  • Long life

Considering the latest news concerning the dog food recall and associated issues with commercial dog foods, the homemade dog food alternative has really come to the forefront.

Planning and preparing your dog’s meals from scratch has numerous benefits, which includes the full control of all meals served. You know precisely what goes into every meal and where the produce and ingredients were sourced. In addition to knowing that it has been prepared in clean surroundings.

It does require an organized person to put together a homemade feeding plan and then make all of the everyday dog meals.

Common homemade dog meals include big meaty stews, healthy soups, veggies and perhaps some raw bones from time to time. The homemade dog food alternative also has the added responsibility of making nutritionally balanced meals, and achieving the calorie demands for your dog. If you arm yourself with the right dog food recipes, vet’s approval and get into a program, this practice isn’t all that hard to keep.

What if you don't have time to prepare healthy meals?

If you are not willing to prepare quality food for your furry friend we have partnered with Ollie, a human-grade food company delivering healthy meals to your door. It's the cheapest yet healthier alternative to quality human-grade dog food.

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What's inside the Ebook? 


Diet Plan

Required Nutrients

Balancing Act

Just How Much Must I Feed to My Dog?

Keeping Track of the Calories

When Should I Feed My Dog?

Feeding Recommendations

Food Types

2️⃣ CHAPTER TWO – Homemade Dog Food, Is It Any Good?

Balanced Nutrition


Time and Cost

Shelf-life and Storage

Homemade Recipes

Various Kinds of Homemade Dog Food

Raw Dog Food or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF)

Organic Homemade Dog Food

Homemade Holistic Dog Food

Do Supplements Have A Spot In Your Pup’s Diet?

The Unquestionably Healthy Dog

So, Should You Cook For Your Dog?

3️⃣ CHAPTER THREE – Homemade versus Store-Bought Dog Food: Which Is Better?





Which Is More Cost-Effective: Homemade or Store-Bought Dog Food?

Processed Dog Food: Canned

Processed Dog Food: Dry

Homemade Dog Food: Regular Ingredients

Homemade Dog Food: Organic Ingredients

Common Myths and Misconceptions about Homemade Dog Food


4️⃣ CHAPTER FOUR – Homemade Dog Food and Treats Recipes

Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Homemade Dog Treats

5️⃣ CHAPTER FIVE – Food Dogs Can and Can’t Eat

Safe Human Foods for Dogs

Unsafe Human Food for Dogs

Keep These Out Of Your Dog’s Reach Too


The Ebook will be sent to you via PDF immediately after the purchase.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Steve S.
Loved it

The recipes are yummy and my dog loved them

Eric C.
Chapter 5 is 👌

Good stuff to know and eyeopening!

Sara Chandra
Great info

I didn't know certain ingredients were so healthy and good for my dog.
Now I know how to prepare meals and I am saving around $50 a month!

Elisabeth S.
Be smart!

I used to spend a lot of money for "human grade" food just because I thought cooking for my dog was complicated and time consuming.
Thanks to this simple guide I started preparing meals for Nala while cooking my own food. Now, I have an organized scheduled and wide variety of meals I love to cook.
Well done!

Marie S.
Useful tips!

Pretty useful tips and information to know if you have a dog! Sent immediately via pdf after the purchase.